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VA Benefit

Flight Training

You’ve worked hard for your VA Benefits. They were earned through service and dedication. Now it's time to put them to use to be most effective for your future with Coast Flight’s GI Bill flight training program.

Led by senior ranking military officers, Coast Flight has put together training programs that allow you to maximize your benefits the right way. Coast Flight School is perfect for VA benefits as it can help utilize your benefits to launch a successful career and explore your passion for aviation. Because of our military background, we’re sensitive to VA requirements, optimization of training, and getting you exactly what you need.

Vocational Training

The GI Bill covers $13,986.72 of vocational flight training per year. This amount is in exchange for 12 months of the GI Bill. Each month is equal to $1,165.56. The training must be an approved Part 141 course. The VA's fiscal year is from August 1st to July 31st. The funds can be used at any point during the year but cannot exceed the total of $13,986.72 until the new fiscal year.


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