Benefits of Training in Coast Flight Academy’s Airspace

To many pilots, flying in metropolitan airspace is confusing and scary.  Trying to stay clear of class B airspace, avoiding other aircraft in the area and flying your aircraft, all at the same time, can be grueling and tedious!  Seasoned pilots know, initially, the San Diego area airspace looks challenging and complex; however, students training at Coast Flight Academy, located at Montgomery Field (KMYF), are better prepared and more confident, than the average pilot, with a variety of airports and airspace areas. Continue reading

The Thrills and Frills of Mountain Flying

The term “mountain flying” may conjure up romantic images of aircraft flying over a spectacular mountain ranges with the orange and yellow sunsets gleaming over the horizon.  Such images of mountain flying are very romantic indeed, however, are quite simplistic as well.  As any pilot, with experience flying in mountainous areas, knows, soaring within this high territory can be far more grueling and dangerous that it appears. Continue reading

Coast Flight Academy’s 10-Day Instrument Rating Course: Tips From A Former Student On How To Make The Most Out of The 10-day IFR Course

If you are interested getting your instrument rating, there is no better curriculum than Coast Flight Academy’s 10-Day IFR Course!  For those considering this type of training, me, being a proud graduate of the 10-day course, would testify that this is the most economical way to get your ticket.  Even though Coast’s IFR course was one of the most mentally and physically demanding things I have ever done, it left me with a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence and pride.  Due to Coast Flight Academy and my success, a whole new world of aviation has opened up to me.

Continue reading