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Scenario Based Training


With Scenario Based Training we do not simply teach you to pass a test, we teach you to become a proficient and safe Pilot. When engaged in this type of learning experience our students are able to start on day one practicing in line with current Airline standards. We teach you the necessary skills to apply the knowledge you gain from ground school to your experience in the Airplane. Coast Flight has been perfecting this type of training for the past 6 years!


Not all hours are created equal

When applying for an Airline or Commercial Pilot job, the employer is going to look at your flight log. With Scenario-Based Training you will have an extensive list of traveled airports and conquered airspaces to show your widespread comfort level throughout differing locations. You will have an advantage over other applicants by having traveled to unique destinations during your flight training.


Scenario-Based Lesson Plans

The focus for our flight syllabus is on improved outcomes rather than simply on the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Each lesson is careful designed to replicate real life journeys to diverse airports in different locations. The Scenarios involve gaining all necessary knowledge and skills to effective execute your duty. Scenarios vary in difficulty, flight time, airport stops, mid-flight objectives and performance focus.