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Total Fleet


Daily Flights



Phoenix, AZ




Regional Brand

American Eagle, United Express


Dallas, Phoenix, Portland, Louisville, Houston, Washington D.C.

Coast Flight Training | Mesa Airlines RTP Domiciles

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$27,500 paid for the completion of RTP*

$20,000 paid after the completion of Year 3*


*Unless the pilot is eligible for Captain upgrade based on company seniority and FAA Part 121 requirements


*First Officer Programs are subject to adjustment if the wages in Section 3 of the Collective Bargaining are adjusted


100% Cancellation Pay including Block or Better Pay


Monthly Line Guarantee


11 Days Off Minimum per Month


6 Incentive Paid Holidays per Year


200% Premium Pay


Pilots hired at Mesa Airlines receive an Airline Transport Pilot type rating upon completion of initial training (CL-65 or EMB170/190)


Pilots receive unlimited travel benefits including jumpseat privileges


Family members (spouse, domestic partner, dependents, and parents) also receive travel benefits on our code share partners


Mesa Airlines offers competitive medical, dental, vision, and life benefits


401(K) Pilot contribution up to 10% along with a 50% company match


Generous Commuter Policy


Paid Parking in Pilot's domicile or in Pilot's commuting airport


Paid Known Crew Member (KCM)


$40 Continuous Monthly Payment for iPad Reimbursement

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