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To qualify for the Coast—SkyWest First Officer Program, you must


  • be between 20-30 years of age;
  • be able to pass a first class medical (;
  • be a US citizen;
  • hold a current US passport;
  • be proficient in English;
  • No more than 2 moving violations on your driving record in the past 3 years;
  • hold a high school diploma (or GED); and
  • have or be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program. An online bachelor’s degree is available through Utah Valley University(UVU). It is highly recommended you enroll in this program as a college degree is required to fly for any major airline in the country.
    1. If you need to finance your flight training, FASFA is an excellent resource for financial aid.


Flight Training Requirements


  • Uphold required academic standards
  • Respect the required code of conduct


First Officer Requirements


Upon graduation from the flight training program at Coast Flight, you will work as a Certified Flight Instructor to build the hours required for airline employment.


To start flying at SkyWest, you must accumulate the following flight hours:


  • 1,500 – hours total time
  • 50 – hours multi engine
  • 75 – hours instrument
  • 500 – hours cross country
  • 100 – night hours
  • ATP Written Exam Completed


Criminal Offense and Canadian Clearance


Any pilot who has been convicted of a criminal offense within the past five years will be prohibited from gaining Canadian clearance, nor will be hired for a flight job. After five years, the pilot has to apply and receive a wavier indicating that he/she is eligible to enter into Canada. Any conviction that a pilot receives in his/her lifetime will require the same waiver authorization to be obtained.


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