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Pilot’s Life

Career Path


Your career development at SkyWest Airlines is of utmost importance. You will have clear and structured growth opportunities that involve promotions from First Officer to SkyWest Captain. Through this process, you will prove your operational excellence incrementally as you prepare to manage your own flight deck. Coast’s ongoing commitment to safety and to perfecting the quality of the pilots we train results in great leadership opportunities for our graduates.


Becoming a First Officer


You’ve studied hard, undertaken extensive training, mastered exams and flight tests, and now you are a fully-fledged SkyWest First Officer. What next? As a First Officer, you will be based in one of SkyWest’s regions and operate flights to many destinations, earning salary as you climb SkyWest’s ladder.




SkyWest’s benefit package is competitive. By providing access to numerous lifestyle and other exceptional benefits, they reflect our intention to attract and retain the best. They regularly review their salary packages to ensure their competitiveness.

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