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Use your VA Benefits | Learn about the Pilot Shortage

There is a drastic shortage of qualified commercial pilots in the United States right now. In fact, it has even been called the largest shortage of its kind in our nation's aviation history. While this shortage leaves domestic airlines scrambling to keep up with the demand for flights, it also leaves room for many new pilots to enter the field. For a U.S. Military Veteran, the current conditions in the commercial aviation market couldn't be more ideal. If you qualify for VA Benefits and were discharged less than 15 years ago, 2015 is an excellent time to begin flight school and transition to a new career. Coast Flight offers a one-of-a-kind aviation academy program designed with military veterans in mind where your benefits will truly work for you.

The Current Pilot Shortage

As we enter 2015, the shortage of trained and qualified commercial pilots continues to increase. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, 11 out of 12 regional airlines have fallen short of their hiring targets during the past year. It's estimated that airlines in the United States are going to need to hire as many as 4,500 pilots per year throughout the next decade in order to keep up with the demand. BusinessWeek has noted this mark even higher and expects that our nation's airlines will need as many as 6,000 pilots per year to keep up with the shortage, considering the FAA's increased rest time standards.

Use your VA Benefits | Learn about the Pilot Shortage

VA Benefits cover flight training, providing an excellent opportunity for Veterans to enter the commercial aviation industry. With the exception of VRAP, most VA benefit programs will support flight school, and veterans who pass the ACT Program screening can use their benefits to cover up to 100% of Coast Flight's pilot training program. Benefits are very individualized, though, so be sure to speak with the Student Services Department to discuss your options.

The ACT Program - You are the Solution to the Pilot Shortage

Coast Flight has partnered with Indian Hills and SkyWest Airlines to create an Airline Career Training Program that offers employment to students before they begin flight training. By successfully passing ACT screening, you will begin an all-inclusive airline training program with rigorous professional flight standards, career guidance and concurrent online college courses. The ACT Program will provide you with a comprehensive learning experience and a defined path to employment.

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Coast Flight Difference

Coast Flight Training, founded in 2008 has been one of San Diego's fastest growing companies, three years running. Coast is a VA Approved, FAA Part-141 flight school and is TSA and SEVP approved to host international students. Coast is also an acknowledged leader in Cirrus's training center network.

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