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Coast Flight Academy’s 10-Day Instrument Rating Course: Tips From A Former Student On How To Make The Most Out of The 10-day IFR Course

Coast Flight Academy’s 10-Day Instrument Rating Course: Tips From A Former Student On How To Make The Most Out of The 10-day IFR Course

If you are interested getting your instrument rating, there is no better curriculum than Coast Flight Academy’s 10-Day IFR Course!  For those considering this type of training, me, being a proud graduate of the 10-day course, would testify that this is the most economical way to get your ticket.  Even though Coast’s IFR course was one of the most mentally and physically demanding things I have ever done, it left me with a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence and pride.  Due to Coast Flight Academy and my success, a whole new world of aviation has opened up to me.

Will Dryden, President of Coast Flight Academy, told me flight training in San Diego would be to my benefit, because it  is located so close to the ocean; Therefore, I would gain first-hand knowledge and experience flying in actual IFR conditions.  San Diego is notorious for being clear with unlimited visibility one minute, and then the next minute, being fogged in.  Doing IFR training in San Diego is definitely a setting that helps you thrive because instills confidence and aptitude for individuals wanting to fly IFR all over the world.

One reason the Coast 10-Day IFR Course is so successful is because they instruct through, what is known as scenario-based learning.  The scenario-based method of learning means, that for each flight, there is a certain real world scenario, or mission, that will to be accomplished which truly prepares you for flying in IFR conditions.  With the scenario-based learning method, emphasis is placed on improving judgment, aeronautical decision making, risk management and single pilot resource management throughout the entire course.  Scenario-based learning is an alternate to, the commonly used, maneuver-based learning where students only practice maneuvers during the flight lessons.

The best advice I can give you when starting Coast Flight Academy’s 10-Day IFR Course is to come prepared the first day.  Coast Flight Academy provides a workbook, as a preparatory study guide, which coincides with the FAR/AIM.  However, you should arrive the first day, not only knowing the rules and regulations, but also, the aircraft and it’s IFR systems such as the avionics, autopilot and power settings, just to name a few.   Also, being able to stay ahead of the aircraft and managing your workload are also necessities when showing up your fist day.  Lastly, remember that your body has needs too.  You will retain more information and perform better if you are well rested, nourished, and healthy.

I would highly recommend Coast Flight Academy’s 10-Day IFR Course.   I really enjoyed being challenged and working with a great group of people.  In the 10 short days of training in San Diego, I have gained experience, confidence and knowledge, many of my fellow pilots will never receive.  When you decide to commit, you will succeed.