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General Training vs Coast Academy: How to Choose

As you begin a deep dive into various programs and schools, you’re likely to feel a little
overwhelmed. Every program and school throws a whirlwind of information at you by
promising different timelines, scheduling systems, fleets, and expectations.

This process often leaves you with more questions than answers. This mini guide, of sorts, will hopefully help you
possess a deeper understanding of our training programs at Coast and how to decide which one might be the best
for you. Our Coast Academy and General Training Program have their fair share of both similarities and
differences, which we will outline below.

Starting with similarities, both the Coast Academy and General Training Program will follow our Coast Training
System, meaning that students receive the same level of training in either program. Furthermore, we operate both
programs with the help of our in-house schedulers. As a result, you will never have to worry about scheduling or coordinating training events yourself. Our instructors teach both General Training and Academy students.
Students in either program can set up financing through either Sallie Mae or Meritize.

Let’s now move into how the programs differ. The General Training program allows students to train part-time, full-time, or anywhere in between. With Monday-Sunday hours, students can set their availability for mornings, evenings, weekends, or simply whatever works best with their schedule. Our schedulers will then create their schedule for them, ensuring they are on track and completing their necessary training events. For students who still want to train full-time but do not have the full availability that the Academy requires, General Training is a perfect environment for them to train full-time, but only at the hours they are available. This program is great for students in school, working, or needing to train around their family’s hours. The General Training program is also perfect for those looking for either recreational or professional training. For example, students can complete all of the licenses required to move onto time-building and the airlines, or students who wish to fly recreationally can decide only to complete a few ratings, such as their private pilot and instrument ratings.

In contrast, the Coast Academy is a full-time, accelerated, 12-month program where students are required to have open availability as our Operations department builds their schedule for them. Students can expect to be scheduled 5-6 times per week, making this program a fantastic option for those looking to complete their training at both a high level and in a short amount of time. Being in an Academy setting can be beneficial to students who prefer a more structured program where their schedules are made for them. Students in our Academy can either be independent Coast Cadets or apply for the American Airlines Cadet Academy and be American Airlines Cadets. While both Coast Cadets and American Airlines Cadets are going through the exact same training, American Airlines Cadets have gone through American Airlines’ admissions process and have access to resources provided by American Airlines.

Both the General Training and Coast Academy programs offer a high level of professional training, with the biggest differences being the scheduling demands and training frequency. Ultimately, the choice is personal and dependent on each student’s specific goals and availability.

If you are interested in discussing our General Training program or the Coast Academy with one of our enrollment coordinators, you can schedule a call here:

If the American Airlines Cadet Academy is what you are looking for, you can apply here: