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I wear glasses/contact lenses, am I still eligible?
  • Yes! The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all pilots with refractive errors that affect their distance vision to wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses that correct their vision to 20/20.
Do I need to have any flight experience?
  • No experience is needed; our programs will take you from zero flight time to the first officer position at the airline of your choice!
What aircraft and simulator will I fly during my training?
  • Training will take place on multiple aircraft. We utilize Piper Archers, Cessna 172s, Cirrus SR20s, Piper Seminoles, and Red Bird Simulators.
I have a criminal record, am I still eligible?
  • Airlines have disqualifying felonies, please reach out to the airline directly to determine if you qualify or not.
Will I get credit on previous accomplished flight training?
  • If you have completed your check-ride and acquired your rating, you will begin at the next available certificate or add on. If you are in the middle of completing a rating 25% of your flight hours will transfer and once you reach FAA minimums you will be eligible for the check ride. All flight training is done under FAA part 141 Regulations, each candidate with prior experience must be evaluated by the chief flight instructor to determine skill level.
What is the difference between the Coast Academy and Airline Direct?
  • The Coast Academy is a full time, 12 month, immersive flight training experience. Airline Direct is a custom designed training program. You get to choose your availability and timeline. It can be fit around other responsibilities.
When can I begin training?
  • Our Cadet Academy has start dates that book up out to 6 months. Our Airline Direct program can have immediate start dates based on resource availability. Contact our Recruiting Team for details!
I am a Foreign Student, am I still eligible?
  • Foreign students are welcome at Coast Flight in our Part 141 International Program. Coast is TSA and SEVIS approved and can help you get your visa for flight training. All foreign students should submit an International Student Application by visiting:
What type of certificates will I get from the training?
  • Coast Flight offers all fixed wing licenses and ratings. You can obtain your Private Pilot's License, Instrument Rating, Commercial Single Engine License, Commercial Multi Engine Add-on, Certified Flight Instructor License, Certified Flight Instrument Instructor, and Multi Engine Instructor!
When do I start earning a salary?
  • After the completion of your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) flight training. You will then be eligible to become a flight instructor with Coast and or another school of your choice. We have incredible bridge programs that enable you to become an employee of the airline while in this phase of time building!

Recreational Training

How soon can I begin my flight training?
  • Immediately! Once you are registered at Coast Flight with funds on your account you can begin training. Schedule an appointment today to join.
Can I rent an aircraft over several days?
  • Yes! Day rates apply for any aircraft taken for more than 12 hours.
Which aircraft are available for training?
  • Piper Archers - Piper Seminoles - Cirrus SR20 - Cirrus SR20 Perspective - Cessna 172s
What Medical Certificate do I need to get?
  • A 3rd Class Medical (Student Pilot) Certificate is required to begin training.
Can I rent a Flight Instructor over several days?
  • Yes! Check current day rates on flight instructors with Coast Flight.
Can I flight train in my own aircraft?
  • Yes! Coast can provide a dedicated flight instructor to teach you in your own plane.

Military/GI Bill Training®

What do my Veteran Benefits cover?
  • The GI Bill covers $13,986.72 of vocational flight training per year. The only license they do not cover is your Private Pilot’s License. The training must be an approved Part 141 course.
Do I receive Basic Housing Allowance while flight training?
  • Unfortunately, no. BAH is only offered for full time academic programs and not for vocational training.
How do I apply for my Certificate of Eligibility?
I am a former Military Pilot; do you have Airline Transition Training?
What aircraft will I use during training?
  • Cessna 172, Piper Archers and Piper Seminoles.