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Coast Flight Training

San Marcos

In 2016, Coast Flight Training opened a second location in the bustling city of San Marcos. Located in Central Texas, San Marcos is between San Antonio and Austin, two of the fastest growing cities in the country. After creating the wildly successful Rotor Transition Program, Coast expanded to this additional location in order to accommodate the large number of military helicopter pilots seeking training. Based at the San Marcos Regional Airport, Coast Flight Training is an ideal location to pursue recreational or professional pilot training.

At Coast Flight Training, we ensure our students do not run into scheduling conflicts while completing their ratings. Our scheduling team and our substantial fleet give our students the ability to book flights hassle-free. In San Marcos, we offer professional flight training in our Garmin G-1000 equipped Cessna 172’s. We offer multi-engine training in our Piper Seminoles.

Coast Flight Training focuses on hiring trained instructors that are excited to cultivate the next generation of pilots. Our instructors work directly with each student to create a training plan that focuses on addressing their individual needs. Our San Marcos school offers both Part 61 and Part 141 flight training. Every instructor follows a proven syllabus to ensure you can easily reach your goals.

Programs Offered

Recreational &
Individual Ratings

We offer recreational flight training for those seeking a private pilot license or instrument certification. If learning to fly has always been a dream of yours, Coast Flight Training can help you take the first step. Whether you’re interested in flying for fun or aviation as a career, our instructors at Coast will personalize your training to fit your needs.

Airline Direct (AD)

Our Airline Direct program is a formalized option that can help you quickly obtain the ratings you need to become an airline pilot. The Airline Direct program is a self-paced program that allows you to fast track your pilot training and provides a pathway to a career in aviation. Our instructors and staff will guide you through the process to assure your course completion and get you your private, instrument, commercial, instructor or multi-engine pilot license.

American Airlines
Cadet Program

Another exciting program is our American Airlines Cadet Program. Coast has partnered with American Airlines to offer an accelerated flight training program to aspiring pilots. American Airlines selected Coast Flight Training to run their program because of our proven success in creating talented pilots. Our American Airlines Cadet Program opened at our San Marcos location after seeing continued success among students at our San Diego facility. Cadets who have been accepted into the program have access to financing, training, mentoring and employment opportunities from American Airlines. The Cadet Academy is an all-inclusive option that allows you to expedite flight training in order to become a commercial airline pilot.

Rotor Transition

The Rotor Transition Program was the first of its kind, created by Coast to provide former helicopter pilots a clear pathway to working for the airlines. Developed by former military helicopter pilots, our Rotor Transition Program is designed to maximize your helicopter experience and streamline your training to get you to the airlines faster. Coast Flight Training has partnered with Envoy, SkyWest and Mesa airlines to provide financing for former helicopter pilots transitioning to fixed-wing aircraft. We collaborated with these airlines to offer a fully funded training option to rotor pilots. Coast has had the pleasure of graduating over 400 pilots in this program and is proud to have served those most deserving.

Coast is an industry-leading flight training school known for producing high quality pilots. We are proud to maintain a variety of partnerships with airlines across the country in order to give our students easily accessible connections with employers. At Coast, we want to give you every advantage you need to succeed in your career.

By offering a variety of training options from military transition, to recreational, to professional pilot academy training, Coast Flight Training ensures that whatever your goals are, you’ll reach them with excellence. Our innovative pilot training programs have continued to become industry standard among flight schools. If your dream is to become a pilot, there is no better place to learn to fly than San Marcos. The wide-open training and maneuver airspace space prepares you to confidently operate your aircraft anywhere in the world. At Coast Flight Training, you can be confident that you will develop the skills necessary to become a pilot and experience the world from above.

Airline Direct (AD)

GI Bill™ Vocational
Flight Training

Rotor Transition
Program (RTP)

Recreational & Individual

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