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Cirrus Skill Refresher Course

Cirrus Skill Refresher Course

As a Cirrus pilot, you are on the forefront of aviation and should maintain proficiency in the aircraft in order to ensure overall safety.  This is why Cirrus has developed the Cirrus Pilot Learning Plan, for operators and owners, to ensure you stay current and proficient following your initial transition training.

The Cirrus Pilot Learning Plan is a series of 3 training events utilized on the 90 day, 6 month and 12 month cycles, following the initial training and every 6 months, thereafter, following the first year.  These training opportunities will help Cirrus pilots maintain a high level of proficiency and safety, which will lead to a greater utilization of the aircraft and a reduction of overall risk.

The 90 Day Skill Refresher course is a half day training event that will assist in refining the skills that were developed during the initial transition into the aircraft.  It will focus on the ability to fly the aircraft using manual controls and will refine skills used to effectively operate automation in the aircraft.

The 6 month Advanced Cirrus Experience (ACE) training event is a half day course focusing on advanced system abnormalities and emergencies, aircraft management, as well as single pilot decision making skills.

The Annual Proficiency Training, which should be completed 12 months after the initial transition training, is a full day course that will qualify as you BFR or IPC.