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Cirrus Releases SR22T: Generation 6

Just as we thought Cirrus couldn’t get any better, they’ve outdone themselves again with the release of the SR22 Turbo – Generation 6 (G6) Aircraft. Per Cirrus, this is, “the smartest, safest, and most advanced models ever of the best-selling SR22T, SR22, and SR20 piston airplanes,” and we see this model changing the recreational aviation industry.
No doubt about it, one of the best parts of owning a Cirrus is being seen. Who doesn’t want others to see them flying around in a sleek, well-crafted airplane? What’s even more impressive about the Cirrus G6 is just how easy it is to be seen with the Spectra Wingtip lights. The design for these lights is based on the look and functionality of high-performance luxury automobiles, and makes seeing your aircraft much easier both on the ground and in the sky. Cirrus has added wingtip halo lights, and more impressively, pulsing “wig-wag” ability to guarantee your presence is always known.
g6_perpectiveBut there’s more to being seen than the lights. Cirrus has always been about the luxury look and functionality of its aircraft. From the outside, it is easy to see the G6’s extended windows, which were created to bring more light into the cabin area. Once inside, you can see floor lights reading “step this way” to help navigate inside the aircraft, as well as overhead lights for Cirrus Releases SR22T: Generation 6 personal needs such as reading. After taking your seat you’ll feel more comfortable than ever in the durable, suede-like, reclining seats – also available in hand-stitched European leather. All seats in the aircraft are flexible allowing for more comfort with passengers, and more cargo room without them. Finally, as with all things Cirrus, the magic really is in the details. The G6 comes equipped with cup holders and storage pockets for your mobile device, as well as headset holders and four USB charging ports to ensure you can use your personal devices when you want, and store them when you don’t.
Perhaps the most exciting feature of the G6 is the brand-new Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin. This sleek new system enables connectivity between aircraft and pilot, and works 10 times faster than prior Cirrus Perspective avionics. So, what are the features of this new system?

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Seamlessly transfer information between your wireless devices and the Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck.
  • Cirrus Global Connect
    • It’s now easier than ever to keep communications going while in flight. The new G6 offers satellite connectivity to allow for telephone and text messaging services. Additionally, you can get the added Datalink Weather for outside of North America.
  • Flight Stream
    • Now transfer your flight plans, weather, traffic, and GPS information between you mobile device and aircraft, as well as receive Database Concierge via the Garmin Pilot app.
  • Database Concierge
    • Now transfer your flight plans, weather, traffic, and GPS information between you mobile device and aircraft, as well as receive Database Concierge via the Garmin Pilot app.
  • QWERTY Flight Management System
    • The new Perspective+ features a QWERTY keypad with larger, easy-to-read keys. Perhaps the most exciting feature of this is the new HOME button, designed to bring you back to the main navigation functions with the push of a button.

fill_imageWith all of these upgraded features, Cirrus is changing the way we look at recreational flying. The Cirrus SR22T G6 is now available for purchase and delivery.
If you are considering purchasing one of these new G6’s, Coast Flight would be happy to schedule an appointment with you to discuss all of the necessary details and any potential flight training you may want with the your new purchase.