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In The News • November 1, 2016
San Diego, CA - Coast Flight Training and Envoy Air/American Airlines Group are hosting a free Aviation Career Day on Saturday, November 12, Noon to 4 pm, at Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport and teaming up to provide scholarship opportunities for high school seniors and recent graduates with a passion for flight. The U.S. airline industry is facing a critical shortage of trained airline pilots, with more than 600,000 trained pilots needed by 2035 according to studies by Boeing.
Flight Training • August 5, 2015
Wednesday morning, eight students enrolled in the Airline Career Training (ACT) Program received a conditional employment agreement with SkyWest Airlines after they finish their Associate of Applied Science degree. This means that as long as students complete their program, with enough hours and flight experience, they will automatically be offered a position as a first officer at the airlines, based in San Diego, California. “It’s basically like a gift card,” said Darren Graham, director of aviation programs and chief flight instructor at Indian Hills.
Blog • March 2, 2015
From smartphones and laptops to e-readers and tablets, personal computing devices are more advanced than ever, with applications that can do practically anything – including apps that make flying safer, simpler, and more convenient for pilots. There are even applications that help pilots to connect with other pilots. If you’re curious which applications are most useful for pilots, look no further. The following list covers the top 10 apps ever pilot needs to know about...
Airline Pilot Industry • January 29, 2015
The aviation industry appears to be entering a golden age for new pilots as we continue into the New Year. The generous compensation and retention programs of airlines such as Endeavor Air, a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines that flies as Delta Connection, are evidence of this positive trend. The airline recently announced that it is beginning an $80,000 Pilot Retention Payment program to attract the best and brightest to its cockpits. With pilots earning more of the compensation, downtime and respect they deserve, it is an excellent time to enter this critical and esteemed profession – if you have what it takes.
Airline Pilot Industry • December 12, 2014
There is a commercial pilot shortage plaguing airlines across the nation, and as we look forward to 2015 it appears that this trend is only going to intensify. The current state of the aviation industry in the United States is causing headaches for airlines struggling to meet the demand for flights while ensuring their pilots are given the adequate rest they need. This shortage is also creating an ideal environment for new pilots completing flight school and embarking on a career in commercial aviation. With increasing demand for commercial pilots and continued growth in this job market is expected over the next 20 years!  The current pilot shortage is creating new opportunities for aviators