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Airline Pilot Industry • January 19, 2023
Most students are aware of the intensive training that is required to become an airline pilot. However, as mentioned in an earlier blog that outlines different ways to time-build, the process of getting to the airlines can be quite a gray area for people and is often misunderstood. Here, we will discuss the bridge programs offered by our five regional airline partners to help students build their connections with the airlines while also building their hours!
Airline Pilot Industry • December 13, 2022
It can be difficult to understand the path of becoming an airline pilot. You may be wondering what the required steps are and if you can go straight to the airlines after the completion of training. Airlines require you to have 1500 flight hours before flying with them. Therefore, you will need to build flight time after you complete training which helps you obtain an estimated 300 hours.
Airline Pilot Industry • March 23, 2022
Are you looking for an aviation-related podcast or YouTube channel? We have created a list of popular podcasts and YouTube channels for our aviation lovers. The list has shows for all types of aviation enthusiasts.
Airline Pilot Industry • January 21, 2022
We have partnered with two finance companies to help fund students' training, Sallie Mae and Meritize. Sallie Mae is available to students for all our professional and recreational programs. Meritize is available to only those with professional flight goals, not for recreational purposes.
Airline Pilot Industry • December 15, 2021
Shopping for a pilot on Christmas can be daunting, especially for those who are not familiar with the aviation industry. Coast Flight Training wants to make it a little easier for those buying for a pilot or future pilot this Christmas. We have created a list of gifts for pilots and student pilots, from practical and inexpensive to more luxe. Whatever your budget is this Christmas, this list is an excellent guide to pilot gifts this season. Merry Christmas from the Coast Flight family to you!