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Coast Flight Training in Houston, TX

In 2021, Houston, TX, is now the home of Coast Flight Training’s fourth flight training facility! This July, Coast Flight Training’s fourth site will be open at the Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport.

Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport is located 37 miles north of the Houston central business district. The airport is an international airport with more than 20 businesses and two FBOs. Houston is the most populous city in Texas. It is also the fourth most populous city in the United States. We decided this bustling and ever-growing city was the perfect place for our new location. Our Houston, TX location flies modern G1000 Cessna 172s and Piper Seminoles.

Coast Flight, Houston/Conroe, TX
Coast Flight, Houston/Conroe, TX

The Houston location will offer full time or part time training to help you meet your aviation goals. We offer both professional and recreational pathways for all styles of training. The Coast Academy is an expedited full-time training program that takes you from no experience to a graduate in 12 months. Coast Academy training consists of single and multi-engine flying, Red-Bird simulation, and one-on-one instruction.

Students will receive their private pilot, instrument, commercial single-engine, commercial multi-engine, certified flight instructor, and certified flight instructor instrument ratings. Students in the academy will train at least 5 days a week and anywhere from 2 to 6 hours a day, contingent on where the student is on the syllabus that day. We track our student’s progress to ensure they will graduate within the 12-month timeline. Unlike other academies, if a student is falling behind, our Student Controllers will schedule a meeting with the student to address the issue and get them back on track. This process is in place to make sure our students are confident and prepared for their exams.

Our general training program is done Part 61 but still offers an organized syllabus to streamline success. General training students can create their own schedules and decide the frequency in which they are taught. Our diversified programs can fit any goals or schedules. We train students whose goals are to become professional pilots and students who see flying as a hobby and are interested in recreational training. Coast Flight Training is made up of experienced flight instructors excited to develop the next generation of pilots. Our instructors work directly with each student to create professional pilots attractive to regional and major airlines across the United States.

We hold airline events with our partnered airlines to guarantee all our students can connect with the airlines and understand what path they would like to take once graduating from training. The airline events give the students opportunities to acquaint themselves with an airline, and once they have acquired their CFI license, they are eligible to apply to their choice airlines. After an airline hires a Cadet, the Cadet will have the opportunity to build their 1,500 hours while already hired by an airline and instructing at a flight training school. As a flight instructor hired by an airline, the pilot will be paid by the airline and receive all the airline’s benefits while working at a flight school. The academy comprises expedited structured training created by Marine veterans for those who are disciplined and passionate about the aviation industry. If you are one of these people who are ready for a challenging but rewarding career, get ready for superior, military-style flight training at Coast Flight Training!

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