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Coast Flight Training in Dallas, TX

In 2020, Coast Flight Training has opened a third location in the thriving city of Dallas, TX. Located at the Dallas Executive Airport.

Situated in North-East Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has topped the charts as one of the fastest growing populations in the country. Dallas is the hub to many major airlines including American Airlines and our other numerous airline partners. Our Dallas, TX location flies brand new 2020 G1000 Piper Archers, G1000 Cessna 172s and Piper Seminoles. At the Dallas Executive Airport, Coast Flight Training has in-house maintenance with a skilled maintenance team that ensures our planes are always maintained
and ready to fly.

Coast Flight, Dallas, TX

Our Dallas location offers the Coast Academy and American Airlines Cadet Academy, all part 141 training. The Coast Academy and American Airlines Cadet Academy is comprised of experienced flight instructors that are excited to develop the next generation of airline pilots. Our instructors work directly with each student to create professional pilots that are attractive to regional and major airlines across the United States. The Coast Academy and American Airlines Cadet Academy training consists of single and multi-engine flying, Red-Bird simulation, simulation laboratory, one on one instruction, and classroom instruction.

Coast Flight, Dallas, TX

The Coast Academy and American Airlines Cadet Academy are 10 to 12 months long, depending on what rating the student starts with us in flight training. Students can start with us at the private pilot rating or at the instrument rating in the academy. Academy cadets will receive their private pilot, instrument, commercial single engine, commercial multi-engine, certified flight instructor and certified flight instructor instrument ratings. The Coast Academy is structured like a full time job and students will train at least 5 days a week and anywhere from 2 to 6 hours a day depending where the student is in the syllabus.

All our locations offer housing for students who are interested. The Dallas location’s housing is a 15-minute drive from our Coast Flight Training facility at the Dallas Executive Airport. The apartments are modern 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments. Cadets will have their own bedroom and bathroom and share the apartment with another cadet.

Both the Coast Academy and American Airlines Cadet Academy hold airline events with our partnered airlines during the student’s training. These events give the students opportunities to connect to an airline and once students obtain their CFI license, cadets are eligible to apply for our partnered airlines. After an airline hires a cadet, the cadet will then have the opportunity to build their 1,500 hours as an employee of an airline, while instructing at a flight training school. They will receive pay, and all the flight and health benefits the airline offers. The academy is composed of structured and fast paced instruction for those who are passionate about aviation and a career in it. If you are enthusiastic about a career in aviation, then the Coast Flight Training Academy is the place for you!

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