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Coast Fleet Update

4 New Cirrus Aircraft Available Now! If you have been desiring the convenience of private travel, this is your chance.

There has never been a better time to utilize all of the safety and convenience that comes with being your own pilot. No more waiting and wondering when you will finally arrive at your destination. Take back your time and quality of life by taking control of your own flight plans. Flying private is faster, safer, and undeniably more fun!

Cirrus New Planes

Coast Flight Training is home to the most prestigious Platinum Cirrus Training Center in Southern California. With the addition of four new Cirrus aircraft, including two brand new SR20’s available for training, and two new SR22’s, our fleet is the largest in the area. Cirrus Aircraft has been the best-selling general aviation airplane in the world due to their ability to provide speed, luxury, safety, and a truly joyful flying experience. Coast’s two new SR20’s and SR22’s are both equipped with G6 Garmin Perspective Plus Avionics. The SR20’s 215 horsepower engine, and 155 KTAS max cruise make this the most ideal training aircraft on the market. You can comfortably earn a high performance endorsement in either our SR20 or SR22. Additionally, the Garmin Perspective Plus Avionics provides an advanced cockpit configuration with added automated features, such as weight and balance and runway length detection.

Cirrus New Planes

For over a decade, Coast has been the leading provider for all your Cirrus needs. Coast has the history of safety and proven training techniques to get you where you want to go. Coast Flight Training provides top notch flight training for future pilots desiring a sophisticated flight experience with advanced avionics and lavish interiors. Coast hires experienced and skilled certified flight instructors that are passionate to train students in Cirrus aircraft. Coast also recognizes the importance of organized administration who are able to coordinate your training plan in an efficient and fun structure. Not only are our planes modern and upgraded but our technology is as well. Future pilots have unlimited access to our state of the art, G1000 Red Bird Simulators. Whether your aim is to fly recreationally or professionally, the Cirrus Platinum Center at Coast Flight Training is designed to provide a premium flight experience.

Cirrus New Planes

Our Cirrus Center not only provides quality, scenario-based flight training, but also provides aircraft sales and acquisition services. Our team of aircraft ownership consultants will help you prepare, and acquire the perfect aircraft for your mission, and guide you through the ongoing tax/legal/compliance requirements.

A very important component to make this all happen and keep our aircraft flying revolves around aircraft maintenance. Our Cirrus Authorized Service Center is prepared to provide immediate quality service to properly maintain the aircraft, while upholding safety and professionalism as our top priority. Having on-site maintenance provided by factory trained technicians will assure you that all, the aircraft are in top-notch condition at all times.

The Coast Air Center is coming soon to the Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport! It will offer a multitude of resources and superior amenities for clientele flying piston or turbine aircraft.

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