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American Airlines’ Academy

The American Airlines Cadet Academy is a fast-paced selective program with top-notch training through the Coast Academy Curriculum.

The American Airlines Cadet Academy was developed for people who are driven and passionate about flying for the airline. If your goal is to be an airline pilot, then this academy was made for you! Applicants must be accepted into the academy by applying and interviewing with American Airlines directly. Once selected as a cadet, students will choose their start date with Coast Flight Training and receive their orientation information. Coast Flight Training has class start dates once a month to choose from.

The Coast Academy integrates flight, simulator, and one-on-one instruction. Students will receive their Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Commercial Single-Engine License, Commercial Multi-Engine License, Certified Flight Instructor License, and Certified Flight Instrument Instructor License. The full program is an estimated 12 months to graduate but can be completed faster. The training is full-time, 5 to 6 days per week with scheduled events between 2 to 6 hours per day. The remainder of the full-time commitment is made up of studying.

If you are interested in applying to the American Airlines Cadet Academy, the application details are provided below:

The American Airlines Cadet Academy application process has 4 stages. Applicants will first apply online through American Airlines’ website. It will prompt applicants to create a profile for themselves. Next, it will ask open-ended questions to see how passionate the applicant is about the aviation industry and ask for documents such as a resume, letters of recommendation, first class medical, etc. Not all documents are required, but it is recommended to attach all documents American Airlines asks for and answer every question. If the applicant has taken a discovery flight or has some hours in a plane, they are great to add to the application. The American Airlines Cadet Academy is highly competitive, so the more effort put into the application, the better!

After completing the application, applicants will wait for an invitation to the 2nd stage of the application process. The 2nd stage is an aptitude test that includes basic math, reading comprehension, writing, spatial ability, and memory questions. The 3rd step is an online, automated interview that will prompt the applicant to make a video of themself. Then, it will give the applicant a question to answer. The applicant has time to contemplate their answer, but once the applicant starts the video, a timer countdown will begin for them to answer. If selected to move onto the next step, they will hear from American Airlines to schedule an online interview with the American Airlines’ team. The live interview is via Zoom and is the final step before receiving an offer or a denial.

American Airlines' Academy

The American Airlines Cadet Academy application process can take a few months to complete, so applicants are recommended to apply several months before their desired start date. Once accepted into the academy, the student will be transferred to our corporate enrollment department to begin the enrollment process and pick their desired start date.

Applicants who are not accepted into the American Airlines Cadet Academy can still train in the Coast Academy. Independent Cadets train beside American Airlines Cadets and use the same syllabus. Both Cadets train full-time in the academy. The difference between the two is solely the sponsorship of American Airline’s during the training process. The experience at Coast Flight Training would be identical for both types of students.

American Airlines' Academy

If you are interested in financing, we are partnered with Sallie Mae and Meritize to offer loan opportunities to students. American Airlines offers its own partnered financing company for the American Airlines Cadet Academy.

After completing the Coast Academy, most pilots become an instructor to build 1,500 hours of flight time which is required to work at a regional airline. Once a Cadet has obtained their certified flight instructor rating, they can interview for cadet programs at regional airlines. These cadet programs offer the opportunity to be hired by a regional airline while working as an instructor at a flight school to build hours. This partnership provides the pilot with health benefits, flight benefits, and a conditional job offer upon reaching the hour requirements.

American Airlines' Academy
American Airlines' Academy
American Airlines' Academy

If you would like to learn more about the American Airlines Cadet Academy or would like to apply, visit: Here!

If you want to train in the Coast Academy outside of the American Airlines Cadet Academy, we would be happy to get you enrolled immediately! The Coast Academy does not require an approval or interview process to begin, just the desire for professional academy-style flight training. We are ready to help you achieve all your aviation goals!