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Benefits of Training in Coast Flight Academy’s Airspace

Benefits of Training in Coast Flight Academy’s Airspace

To many pilots, flying in metropolitan airspace is confusing and scary.  Trying to stay clear of class B airspace, avoiding other aircraft in the area and flying your aircraft, all at the same time, can be grueling and tedious!  Seasoned pilots know, initially, the San Diego area airspace looks challenging and complex; however, students training at Coast Flight Academy, located at Montgomery Field (KMYF), are better prepared and more confident, than the average pilot, with a variety of airports and airspace areas.

In a recent study complied by the Airport Journal, an industry leading publication, Montgomery field (KMYF) in San Diego, CA was named the nations 11th busiest General Aviation airport in the country, beating out other airports such as Orlando International, Dallas Love field, and Chicago Midway. While many other airports decreased in operations, KMYF actually increased by 2% from last year, easily beating out the national average decrease of -6%.  KMYF is home to many private, government, business and general aviation aircraft creating a diverse airport environment.

One the reasons Coast Flight Academy was established at KMYF was to utilize the busy airspace for a more comprehensive training atmosphere.  It is widely recognized that pilots training in a busy airport environment are more prepared for flying in the nation’s busiest airspaces.  Through Coast’s use of Scenario Based Training (SBT), KMYF’s active environment is used to teach the student how to handle real world situations, while simultaneously building their confidence and decision-making skills.

The airspace surrounding San Diego seems complicated and demanding to the untrained pilot; however, students training with Coast Flight Academy are equipped and qualified for such an environment.  From dozens of airports within a 100nm range of San Diego that rang in complexity from one of the busiest airports in the world (Los Angeles LAX) to quant, little strips in the desert, students are presented with a vast array of situations and circumstances.  Combined with year-round perfect weather, San Diego continues to be an excellent place for pilots to gain the confidence and skills required to fly in any airspace in the world.