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We'll get you back in the saddle

When you’ve spent your military career flying multi-million-dollar aircraft, it can be hard to settle into a cubicle for the rest of your life. And yet, many of the world’s top performing military aviators have found themselves in just this situation. Whether they were unable to get “current” prior to leaving service or thought a desk job was the only viable option for entering the civilian workforce, many military pilots are now looking for a way to get back in the saddle, years and even decades later. To coin a phrase, they’re ready to re-transition into aviation.

But now there’s good news for out-of-practice military aviators. The Back in the Saddle Program (BITS) is a great solution for those who have strayed from their first love…Flying! With innovative new opportunities from Coast Flight, there is a way to get back in the game, with a clear path to success. A path that’s airline funded and well-paced, with a defined route to a career with the airlines.

How we succesfully get you back in the saddle

1. Experience and Know how to Prime You for Success

2. Invaluable Connections

3. Understanding and Guidance at the Pace You Need

How to get started

Transitioning Helicopter Pilots

Join Our Bits RTP

Designed by helicopter pilots for helicopter pilots, we know what you’re going through. Maybe your last tour was out of the cockpit? Maybe you’ve stepped away to pursue other things? Regardless, you’re a world class aviator and you’ll make a world class airline pilot.

We’ve built a rotor transition program that’s graduated more RTP pilots than any other flight school. We’ve taken this industry leading program further to include the necessary steps to get those who have stepped away back in it with ease. Whether you need a light brush up, or even if it’s been a few years, we are prepared to get you Back in the Saddle the right way.

Fixed-Wing Aviators

Lets get you back up to speed

Coast Flight’s BITS program gives you time to crawl, walk, and run back to being the pilot you used to be. We do this by creating a non-judgmental learning environment with a personalized level of understanding and patience that enables a re-transition into a new career.

Coast Flight’s BITS program encompasses invaluable components that matter to forward-thinking aviators, things like getting you comfortable in a glass cockpit, refreshing your knowledge of rules and regulations, and getting your skillset sharpened to be successful at the airlines.

Everybody knows you know how to fly – we’ll just help get you back up to speed.

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