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Flight Training

Your Way


Our General Training program allows students the flexibility to train at their own pace and design their training around their goals and availability. This program was established to give students the opportunity to create their own training schedule while still following our Coast Training System. Students can train full time, part time, or have a varying schedule week to week. This guided program includes both in-person ground training, simulator training, and flight training lessons. You can start with zero experience or we can help you pick up where you left off. This program is focused on finding the best pathway for you to chase your recreational or professional aviation dreams!


  • Full Flexibility

  • Recreational or Professional

  • Build Your Own Training Schedule

  • Pay As You Go

  • Structured Coast Training System

  • Low Student to Instructor Ratio

  • Modern Aircraft

  • On-Site Maintenance

  • Operations Team to Make Scheduling Easy

Financing Options


At Coast Flight Training our students have access to various forms of financing to best suit their needs.