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About Coast

the Coast Flight Training Experience.

We Are Different From The Rest



The Coast Flight name has long been synonymous with excellence. Since its inception as a top-notch boutique flight school over a decade ago, Coast Flight has retained a dedication to superb quality and personalized flight training instruction. That same standard of excellence has remained at the forefront as Coast has grown to the widely recognized name it is today, with pilot schools in California, Texas and Alabama and more coming in the future. Now operating one of the largest training fleets in the country with multifaceted training programs, Coast still retains a close-knit atmosphere between leadership and each student. That’s why the airlines look to Coast’s flight training programs to bring them the best of the best pilots. As one of the top flight schools in the nation with the highest number of conditional job offers in the country, Coast Flight has a reputation for turning out pilots of the highest caliber..

After noticing a fundamental gap in the number of quality training options available, Coast set out to launch an innovative new approach to flight training. The result was a cutting-edge, comprehensive form of flight training that unites professionalism, structure, and quality in military transition, pilot academy, and recreational training offerings.

Led by high-ranking military officers, Coast’s pilot schools are uniquely positioned to originate ideas that matter to aviators of all walks. It was Coast thought leaders who first birthed the now-nationwide concept of RTP in 2016. Since then, Coast’s innovative flight training ideas have continued to become industry standard, with fresh concepts continually emerging to help those with a love of aviation to fund, pursue, and realize their dreams…to the highest potential.

World Class Leadership


Success only happens when there’s a carefully conceived plan in place. Coast students reap the benefits of training under the most prestigious flight training standards of the U.S. military, because our leadership is composed of a distinguished team of high-ranking military officers. These leaders bring their experience with world class training and management into developing program curriculum that is specially designed to prime students for success. And when you have high-level military officers personally engaging with students, the result is a large number of graduates from our pilot schools landing exactly where they want to go.

Modern Fleet & Quality Instructors


At Coast, you have every advantage you need to become the best. We maintain a high instructor-to-student ratio at our Texas, Alabama and California pilot schools, ensuring our students receive the individualized attention needed to advance down the right path. And since most of our instructors are personally trained by Coast, students have the added bonus of learning from some of the most trusted pilots in the industry.

Boasting over 60 modern aircraft, we are one of the best equipped pilot schools in the US and we hold some of the largest training fleets in the country. Our fleet includes G1000 equipped, multi-engine aircraft, rigorously maintained for safety and precaution that exceeds industry standards. Our training fleet is technologically advanced and expansive enough to encompass the full breadth of training options we offer. For success-driven students, this ensures your flight training will advance you to your goals on the quickest timetable, at the greatest proficiency.

Training Variety


There’s a difference between learning to fly, and flying in pursuit of your dreams. By offering a variety of training options from military transition, to recreational, to professional pilot academy training, Coast’s multifaceted program offerings mean that whatever your goals are, you’ll reach them with excellence. So whether you’re ready to log your first hour, looking to pursue flight training concurrent with a college degree, or fresh out of the military and curious about what it would take to fly for the airlines, Coast has designed the path to get you there at one of our top flight training schools in California, Texas or Alabama. Our recruiting team will identify your goals and map out a plan to get you where you want to go.

Bryan W. Simmons, LTCOL USMC (RET), President


Bryan joined Coast in 2013. As President and Director of Flight Operations he oversees curriculum, standards and operational controls, safety, directs the execution of company policies and procedures and ensures that all activities of the flight department, including flight operations, personnel and equipment comply with company and aviation standards. Bryan also develops the leadership training syllabus. Bryan's background is uniquely suited to helping Coast develop and grow the Rotor Transition Program.

  • Former Presidential Helicopter Pilot, Marine One, for Presidents Bush and Obama
  • Former Navy Flight School Instructor and Operations Officer
  • 20 years of military service, US Marine Corps
  • Served multiple flying tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom conducting casualty evacuation
  • Recipient of 9 Air Medals and a Meritorious Service Medal
  • 3,500+ incident-free flight hours in rotary and fixed-wing aircraft

Jack Monroe, COL USMC (RET)

Director of Flight Operations San Diego, CA


Jack joined Coast in 2016. Jack oversees Coast's College Programs, International Students, Flight Operations, Rotor Transition Program, and aircraft maintenance for San Diego, CA. Jack's military leadership and program management background, has allowed Coast to continue to keep a strong top level management that understands a helicopter pilot's transition to airplanes.

  • Director, Aviation Division, Marine Corps Installations – West
  • Assistant Chief of Staff/Operations, 3d Marine Aircraft Wing (17k+ Personnel, ~500 aircraft)
  • Operations Officer, Marine Aircraft Group -16, 150 helicopters, 2000+ personnel
  • Commanding Officer Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron – 166 (Reinforced), 29 aircraft, 475 personnel
  • Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron - 161 (Reinforced), 29 aircraft, 200+ Aircraft Maintenance personnel
  • Aircraft flown: CH-46E, T-34C, TH-57B/C, CH-53D/E, MV-22, C-150, C-172, Cirrus SR-20, Former Navy Flight School Instructor (Familiarization Stage Instructor of the Year)
  • 26 years of military service, US Marine Corps
    • Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm
    • Iraq
    • Afghanistan
  • 3,700+ incident-free flight hours in rotary and fixed-wing aircraft

Dan Verda, Col USMC (RET)


Dan Verda currently serves as Coast Flight Training's Director of Operations and General Manager for their San Marcos, TX Rotor Transition Program Facility. He is responsible for the day to day operation of the site, development and execution of strategic goals, development of community relationships, development and enforcement of company policies, and the development and execution of plans that turn strategy into daily achievable tasks. Dan is a retired Marine Corps Colonel whose previous positions include:

  • Commanding Officer of a US Navy primary flight training squadron, responsible for training Navy and Marine Corps aviators in both the T-34C and T-6B aircraft
  • Commanding Officer of the Navy and Marine Corps' premier west-coast amphibious and expeditionary warfare school
  • Executive Officer of a Marine Expeditionary Unit, a 2,200-person expeditionary force-in-readiness, forward deployed on amphibious warships to respond immediately to crisis world-wide
  • 3,500 incident-free flight hours in rotary and fixed-wing aircraft
  • 25 years of military service, US Marine Corps
    • Operation Iraqi Freedom,
    • Contingency operations in Bosnia, Albania, Haiti, Pakistan, East Timor, Somalia, central and western Africa, Korea and the Philippines