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ABC News in San Diego June 29th, 2022

ABC 10’s San Diego KGTV visited and interviewed our Coast Flight Training family at the
Montgomery Gibbs Airport.

Coast Flight Training is inspiring students to become airline pilots. Coast Flight Training has several programs to
kickstart a student pilot’s journey to becoming commercially rated and flying at the airlines. We have expedited
high-caliber training remedying the pilot shortage and molding future airline Captains. ABC News discusses our
successes, our aim to combat the pilot shortage, and our ultimate goal to support students’ professional and
recreational ambitions.

Our Chief Flight Instructor in San Diego, Ronnie Greathouse, was asked about Coast Flight Training’s programs and contribution to relieving the airlines with a new generation of pilots. Ronnie discusses Coast Flight Training’s Coast Academy. The Coast Academy is a full time program for those who have professional flight goals. Students looking to work for the airline industry can receive loans to cover the training cost from zero hours to commercial ratings. The training at Coast costs around $85,000 and can be covered by partnered airlines and loan companies. Coast Flight Training is partnered with Sallie Mae and Meritize, and through our American Airlines Cadet Academy partnership, American Airlines offers its own partnered loan options.

Ronnie exclaims that since 2015 Coast Flight Training has trained around 700 commercially rated pilots. One of our Flight Instructors, Cynthia Hernandez, talked about how she got into flight training. Cynthia discusses her love for flying ever since she took an introductory flight. Cynthia went through the Coast Academy through our partnership with American Airlines. She trained for 12 months and obtained her Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial Single Engine, Commercial Multi Engine, Certified Flight Instructor, and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument ratings. Cynthia is now building her hours as a flight instructor at Coast Flight Training. In the near future, after completing the required flight hours, she plans to become a pilot at the airlines. Cynthia is teaching students who also have goals to work at the airlines. Cynthia advises prospective pilots to take an introductory flight and do the research to see if flight training is right for them.

Coast Flight Training has been gaining attention for its flight training programs producing commercially rated pilots primed for the airlines. However, Coast Flight Training offers programs for those with professional or recreational goals. All our programs have finance options and can cater to the schedule that best fits the student’s life. We know that there isn’t one route that works best for all students, and that is why we offer different programs that fit everyone. Coast Flight Training’s students are all of different ages and at different stages in their lives. Students don’t have to have full availability to obtain flight licenses for recreation or a career. Students can achieve their goals through accelerated or flexible training at Coast Flight Training. Finance and scheduling no longer limit who can become a pilot. Financing is available more than ever before, and there are programs that follow students’ availability. If you are passionate about the industry, there is a program for you.

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