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American Airlines Cadet Academy with

Coast Flight Training


Benefits of Coast Flight Training

San Diego, CA

  • 12-Month Training Program

  • 300+ Graduates at American Airlines

  • Academic Facility Setting for Immersive Learning

  • Low Student to Instructor Ratio

New Piper Archer TX Training Fleet


Model Year 2019 - G1000 Avionics

The Piper Archer is the perfect gateway to launching pilots' flying careers all over the world. With a 180 HP Lycoming engine and an advanced Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite, the Archer is a modern and reliable aircraft for both teaching


Olympus Corsair Apartment Included

  • Luxury Dormitory Style Apartments

  • Located Directly Across the Street from Coast Flight

  • Double Occupancy Rooms

  • Business & Quiet Rooms for Studying

  • Pool, Spa and Game Room for Leisure

  • Everything you need for Full Immersion Flight Training

Why San Diego


Great living

One of the greatest cities in the world to live and train.

Complex air space

Preparing pilots through optimal air space to fly anywhere.

Diverse weather

Experience all meteoric conditions - fog, rain, snow, winds, clouds, and pressures.

All terrains

Ocean, cities, mountains, desserts - all within 30 minutes flight time.

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