Financing Your RTP Pathway

Up to 100% RTP Financing

We have options for everyone

After we’ve built a custom tailored training schedule for you, we'll work with you to get you financed through the following options.

1. RTP Airline Partner Support

Training covered up to


new hire bonus up to


All of our airline partners offer financial support to helicopter pilots transitioning through their RTP Pathway. Every airline offers something different - we’ll work together to figure out which pathway is right for you.

2. Aviation Personal Loan

Coast has relationships with several financial institutions that can give you the financing you need to get through training.

Mix and match: You can mix and match financing options. If you go down an RTP Pathway, chances are your flight training will only be covered up to 70%. Instead of paying the remainder of your training cost out-of-pocket, you can tack on an Aviation Personal Loan and cover your costs by up to 100%!

Non RTP Pathway route: With an RTP Pathway, you need to commit to an airline before you begin your flight training - some students prefer not too. If you want to maintain your status as a ‘free agent’ while you prepare to fly for the airlines, an Aviation Personal Loan can give you that freedom.

Salary Once You Complete Training

Year 5


Year 6-9


Year 9-13


Year 13-18


Year 19+


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