Financial Aid Application Process

  1. Determine what aid you qualify for by filling out the FASFA at:
  2. Receive your award letter from Indian Hills Community College that will outline how much aid you qualify for.
  3. If you would like to apply for additional loans beyond the Direct Loans in you award letter contact IHCC at: 641.683.5305 and they will advise you how much additional loan amount you can obtain each year.
  4. Apply for Additional Loans:
    1. If you are 24 or under with Parent Co-sign you can apply for a PLUS Loan at:
    2. If you are over 24 our married you can apply for private loans at:
      1. Salle Mae Smart Option Student Loan:
      2. Wells Fargo:

Co-Signers Accepted

Federal and Private Student Loans

Funding Possible

Additional Steps to complete your Student Loan process

Go to the website and:

  1. Sign the Master Promissory Note:
  2. Complete the entrance counseling

For further details see: