EVS Infrared Vision

EVS Infrared Vision

Today I was reminded how amazing the Cirrus aircraft is, can you believe we are able to fly with infrared vision on a single engine aircraft!  The thought aggressively hit me when I glanced into the hanger while the Piper Comanche Pilots Association had a large fly-in at Montgomery Field which hosted around 50 owners.  This pilot crowd brought a much older generation of pilots.  I sat on the other side of the hanger demonstrating the Cirrus Perspective EVS Infrared System and drew the thoughts, “could the owners of the Pipers even comprehend what we are using in the current cockpit?” I had no choice but to invite a few of the Piper owners over to demonstrate what I was so proud of.  The reaction was just amazing, they were not able to form complete sentences, the words were written across there faces, pure shock!  I could see in there eyes the dreams of the reduced stress and workload this cockpit could have given them 20 years ago and even to date with this older generation of aircraft.  As they exited the cockpit I found myself smiling reflecting on the journey I have been on with Cirrus, I was proud to be a Cirrus owner and educator!

Actual view


These two pictures show a Mooney being worked on, the most amazing part is the reflection seen in the cement of aircraft, which is obviously not seen in the real time image!

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