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Route to Fly from San Diego   Takeoff and fly along the coast to Palomar/Carlsbad airport, and then go directly to Hector VOR, avoiding the Restricted Airspace over Twenty nine Palms. From there, go straight to Las Vegas, flying over dry lake beds, sand dunes and painted mountains. The airport is right next to the Strip, so try not to get ..
Route to Fly from San Diego   Fly along California’s scenic coast from La Jolla to Newport Beach, over LAX and Santa Barbara, past California Condor nesting areas. From there, you can follow the 101, fly over  the Golden Gate Bridge, and then turn to the east and explore the beautiful backcountry of the San Francisco Bay Area.   ..
Route to Fly from San Diego   Proper flight planning will remind you that there is no fuel available on the island, so be sure to bring enough for the return trip. The recommended route to Catalina Island is to fly low along the coast line all the way to John Wayne Airport, then shoot over and start a slight climb to get to a safe cruising..
Route to Fly from San Diego   Palm Springs is just a short hop over the mountains from San Diego. To make it a really exciting flight, fly due east over Mt. Laguna and then drop down into the desert. From there, head north and fly low over the Salton Sea, the farms of Coachella Valley and countless golf courses of Palm Springs. You will la..
Route to Fly from San Diego   This is quite the flight!  There are many options on how to arrive at this mountain resort. This is a longer flight, so going direct is always an option. Whatever the case, you will get to test the capabilities of the aircraft as the higher elevations will create the need for higher cruising altitudes and eve..
Route to Fly from San Diego   This is quite the easy flight. We recommend flying up the coast going through the VFR corridor of LAX watching 747s takeoff on parallel runways, then up to Santa Barbra enjoying the sights of Central California. From there you can shoot through the Central Valley to Fresno and then up and over the snow capped ..
Route to Fly from San Diego   Going down to Mexico can be an exhilarating experience that not many private pilots get to have. Be sure to be familiar with the rules and regulations of flying into and out of Mexico. You can find this information in our Mexico section of the website. This is quite the trip as the distance is long and you may..
Route to Fly from San Diego   Fly over Palm Springs enjoying the views of countless golf courses, the Salton Sea and the picturesque mountains. From there, directly to Sedona, you will fly over dry lakebeds and view mountains carved out by years of erosion. Upon arrival, you will see the famous red rocks, with the mountains of Flagstaff in..
Route to Fly from San Diego   This is quite the amazing flight. Leave San Diego going directly to Bakersfield. This will take you over the LA Basin with the ocean on your left and the mountains to your right. From there, you will fly up the Central Valley, watching the Sierra Nevada’s rise up out of the ground. Upon reaching Sacramento, ..
Route to Fly from San Diego   This is truly the flight to remember! What we recommend is flying directly to Palm Springs, enjoying the views of the desert valleys and the tall peaks rising up out of them. From there, you can go to Flagstaff, flying past the highest mountain in Arizona and. Gazing out at the forests of Northern Arizona is t..
Time En Route in the SR22   About 3 hours and 30 minutes   What to Do?   New Orleans has so much to offer that is hard to encompass it all in this short space. If you’re interested in music you should partake in the lively nightlife and embrace the local musicians who play daily, or attend one of the many f..
Time En Route in the SR22   Just over 45 minutes   What to Do?   South Padre Island was made for those looking for a relaxing outdoor getaway. Visitors can meet Jerry the Sea Turtle at Sea Turtle Inc. or go to the amusement parks for water slides and miniature golf. The three beach campgrounds let guests wake..
Time En Route in the SR22   About 3 hours and 45 minutes   What to Do?   The one thing that is taken seriously in Panama City, it’s having fun. Between hundreds of dining spots to try new food, Shipwreck Island Water Park’s river rapids and tide pool, and the eco-tourism of Camp Helen and St. Andrews stat..
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