Benefits of the Garmin’s Prospective System

Benefits of the Garmin’s Prospective System

Success, to most pilots, revolves around developing a close relationship with your airplane. When you are sitting at the controls, it is essential not only to know how they work, but also to trust them. A pilot who has a less intimate relationship with his or her aircraft runs the risk of putting passengers or cargo in jeopardy—a risk that no pilot should take. The exceptional pilot won’t fly without equipment that is unfailingly dependable, such as the Garmin Perspective System. This fabulous system brings together a host of utilities that help ensure the pilot’s safety and comfort so that he or she can put their trust in the aircraft and focus on flying.

Safety and Air Data

All pilots recognize that the best flight is the one which is safest; other factors aside, no flight can be successful without it first being safe. To that end, Coast Flight Training employs the Garmin Perspective, which offers more superb safety features than most other systems. These include an Attitude, Heading Reference System (AHRS), which utilizes a laser to pitch attitude with extreme accuracy. Because pilots are often called upon to operate in poor weather, the Garmin Perspective is able to create a synthetic vision of terrain, regardless of the conditions. If one screen should happen to fail, the unit can transfer the most important flight data onto another screen, so the pilot is never flying blind. However, having data available is only beneficial if it’s accurate: the Garmin Perspective uses sophisticated air data computers so that data about Attitude, airspeed and altitude are always right on.


Once a pilot is certain the aircraft is safe and providing accurate information, he or she will be able to ride comfortably and focus on the big picture. Failing to recognize something in adverse wx could be critical. Nothing would be worse than making a flight error because you were distracted. The GPS is intuitive to learn, and functional for the pilot to use. It even comes with XM radio so that you can relax and work on building that close relationship with the aircraft necessary for the best flying experience.