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The Coast Flight Training Experience.
We are different from the rest.

We Are Here to Ensure Your Success

Simply training is not enough. Unlike other flight schools, Coast Flight is not a pilot mill – we advocate for you at every stage to safeguard your success. We will not let you invest your time and money without first ensuring you qualify to become an airline pilot, nor will we force you to work faster than you feel comfortable in learning to fly for recreational purposes. We want our students to be the best – professional, responsible, and highly trained. Your success is how we define success.

Why do we position our flight school in this way?

  • The candidates either have medical or background issues that prohibit them from becoming a commercial pilot.
    • Coast pre-screens all of its applicants so that we may inform them of any issues prior to spending their money and time.
  • Candidates don’t have the leadership nor professionalism required to fly commercially.
    • Two of the main goals of Coast’s ACT Program is to produce professional leaders in the airline industry.
  • Candidates do not have the aptitude to be hired as a commercial pilot.
    • The ACT Program screening process includes a Pilot Aptitude Test, which would expose any challenges the candidate may face.


The principals at Coast Flight Training lead with the experience, leadership, and professionalism beyond that of industry standards. One of the most important steps to successfully training students is direct interaction and support from leadership. Research shows the commitment of and access to an organization’s leadership is directly linked as a key contributor to the performance and success of its team. That means our students. The three individuals below are personally engaged with students, their progress, their counseling, and their training. While each of us has a stake in our company, our primary responsibility is to you, our students – we each have a stake in you and your success.

Bryan W. Simmons, LTCOL USMC (RET), President

Bryan joined Coast in 2013. As President and Director of Flight Operations he oversees curriculum, standards and operational controls, safety, directs the execution of company policies and procedures and ensures that all activities of the flight department, including flight operations, personnel and equipment comply with company and aviation standards. Bryan also develops the leadership training syllabus. Bryan's background is uniquely suited to helping Coast develop and grow the Rotor Transition Program.

  • Former Presidential Helicopter Pilot, Marine One, for Presidents Bush and Obama
  • Former Navy Flight School Instructor and Operations Officer
  • 20 years of military service, US Marine Corps
  • Served multiple flying tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom conducting casualty evacuation
  • Recipient of 9 Air Medals and a Meritorious Service Medal
  • 3,500+ incident-free flight hours in rotary and fixed-wing aircraft

William H. Dryden, Founder

Will founded Coast Flight Training in 2008 and has been instrumental in helping develop Coast's strategic plan and has an impressive range of aviation related achievements and accomplishments. Will currently manages recruitment process for all future Rotor Transition Program applicants and VA flight training.

  • Gold Seal Certified Flight Instructor (100% pilot pass rate required to qualify)
  • Master CFI (only 500 CFIs have this out of 97,000 Flight Instructors)
  • FAA part 141 Chief Flight Instructor
  • Platinum Cirrus Standard Instructor Pilot (only 54 of all 389 CSIPs are Platinum rated)
  • Instructor pilot for March Air Force Base 163rd Reconnaissance Wing ARCAP
  • 5,200+ incident-free flight hours in fixed-wing aircraft
  • Selected by FAA National Examiner Board to be FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

Jack Monroe, Col USMC (RET),
Director of Flight Operations San Diego, CA

Jack joined Coast in 2016. Jack oversees Coast's College Programs, International Students, Flight Operations, Rotor Transition Program, and aircraft maintenance for San Diego, CA. Jack's military leadership and program management background, has allowed Coast to continue to keep a strong top level management that understands a helicopter pilot's transition to airplanes.

  • Director, Aviation Division, Marine Corps Installations – West
  • Assistant Chief of Staff/Operations, 3d Marine Aircraft Wing (17k+ Personnel, ~500 aircraft)
  • Operations Officer, Marine Aircraft Group -16, 150 helicopters, 2000+ personnel
  • Commanding Officer Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron – 166 (Reinforced), 29 aircraft, 475 personnel
  • Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron - 161 (Reinforced), 29 aircraft, 200+ Aircraft Maintenance personnel
  • Aircraft flown: CH-46E, T-34C, TH-57B/C, CH-53D/E, MV-22, C-150, C-172, Cirrus SR-20, Former Navy Flight School Instructor (Familiarization Stage Instructor of the Year)
  • 26 years of military service, US Marine Corps
    • Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm
    • Iraq
    • Afghanistan
  • 3,700+ incident-free flight hours in rotary and fixed-wing aircraft

Dan Verda, Col USMC (RET),
Director of Operations San Marcos, TX

Dan Verda currently serves as Coast Flight Training's Director of Operations and General Manager for their San Marcos, TX Rotor Transition Program Facility. He is responsible for the day to day operation of the site, development and execution of strategic goals, development of community relationships, development and enforcement of company policies, and the development and execution of plans that turn strategy into daily achievable tasks. Dan is a retired Marine Corps Colonel whose previous positions include:

  • Commanding Officer of a US Navy primary flight training squadron, responsible for training Navy and Marine Corps aviators in both the T-34C and T-6B aircraft
  • Commanding Officer of the Navy and Marine Corps' premier west-coast amphibious and expeditionary warfare school
  • Executive Officer of a Marine Expeditionary Unit, a 2,200-person expeditionary force-in-readiness, forward deployed on amphibious warships to respond immediately to crisis world-wide
  • 3,500 incident-free flight hours in rotary and fixed-wing aircraft
  • 25 years of military service, US Marine Corps
    • Operation Iraqi Freedom,
    • Contingency operations in Bosnia, Albania, Haiti, Pakistan, East Timor, Somalia, central and western Africa, Korea and the Philippines

San Marcos, TX

1837 Airport Dr. San Marcos, TX 78666
Phone: (858)279-4359
Email: info@iflycoast.com

San Diego, CA

8525 Gibbs Dr. Suite 105 San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: (858)279-4359
Email: info@iflycoast.com